Let's Be Awesome

Code, Make, Refurbish, Recycle

This website is about as cluge as it gets and will be forever under construction

The overall idea is that every community should have a place where people can learn to build things from candles to rocket ships.

(713) 494-1981

There are two FabLabs in Houston and I have been to the one in East Aldine and it is very nice.

Visit FabLab stuff

Let's Use Open Source and Open Data to Improve Neighborhood Service

I am basically retired But have this dream of there Being Maker spaces close to everybody in houston

Downtown Houston From The Near Northside

Open Data

The City of Houston Mayor's Innovation Office works hard to get us data.

I have hope that the new folks elected to county government will also begin to work on opening our data to us.

Open Source

We build with Open Source and will determine which license is best for sustainable use.


We are very small but Houston's Innovation is much larger than even the old Sears' property will hold.

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Let's Work Together

Let's get coding, making, refurbishing and recycling.

All while being awesome. Building before Consuming.

I am randy7771026 on github,

Randall Baxley and a LION on LinkedIn,

Randall Baxley on Facebook and NextDoor,

@tahtah777 on twitter

and randy7771026@gmail.com


(713) 494-1981

My own pursuits are more software and small hardware related

A lot of links to the path I took to open source usefulness

TXRX labs is or was the biggest in Houston but I have not visited since they moved to the East End Maker Space


In The Ion

Ion Prototyping Lab

There are two FabLabs in Houston

One in East Aldine

/* A lot of links to the path I took to open source usefulness The other one is at Baker Ripley in Second Ward but I have yet to visit.

FabLab will give you a general idea

Visit FabLab stuff